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The sexual culture of this century has much fewer restrictions and forbidden topics when it goes about sex if compared to the times of our grandparents and parents. About 20 – 25 years ago, meeting a person with the purpose of having sex without dating was disgraceful. Now everything is absolutely different. Hooking up has become a norm.

By the way, the statistics show that people understand this term differently. All the respondents agree that a hookup predisposes some form of physical contact still, not everyone agrees to the statement that hooking up means having sex.

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In general, a hookup is a date presupposing a sexual encounter, without all the stuff, which is common for ordinary dates (like going to a movie or restaurant, long walks and talks). Both people agreeing for a hookup date don’t build any plans for their common future. Their communication will finish as soon as both get what they want – sexual satisfaction. Still, the practice shows that the friends-with-benefits format of relationships is not rare as well. And those who ones met on a hookup date repeat this experience again.

Finding a partner for a one-night stand, casual sex, or adultery can be not easy. You can’t just come up to a stranger and ask them to have sex with you. Therefore, it is a common thing to hook up with ex or friends. Still, the number of potential hookup partners is very limited in this case.

To have more options and choose the partners matching some appearance and habits preferences, people use hookup dating websites. These are online platforms gathering everyone who longs for casual sex or other forms of relations without obligations.
Dating sex sites open new borders for a hookup. Everyone can find dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people living nearby who are ready to meet and have an encounter the same night. Why ordinary dating sites cannot be used for such purposes? Let’s see.

  • Site content. Regular dating sites usually set restrictions for photos and videos containing nudity or scenes of sexual character. On the contrary, hook up sites are all filled with erotic or even pornographic photos of the site members. Besides, it’s not rare that they have a live cam feature, which allows watching other users masturbating or strip dancing online.
  • Final aim. Registering on a dating website, people seek partners for dating or even serious relations, whereas hookup dating sites’ mission is to help you find a woman or a man for casual sex. Therefore, you don’t have any serious intentions and you are not ready for taking any obligations when registering on hookup websites.
  • Topics for communication. Communicating with a potential partner on a regular dating website, you want to get to know more about this person: their hobbies, interests, life story. With online hookup sites, it’s all different: the primary goal of your writing to each other is to get acquainted, find out about each other’s preferences in sex, intentions (virtual sex, one-night stand, adultery), and the time and place where you can meet to have an encounter.

How We Choose Best Sex Sites for Hookup?

Being new in the world of online hooking up, one may get confused with the choice of the best resource. The number of these kinds of websites is impressive, but a lot of them are sister sites meaning that they have the same base of profiles and similar if not identic features. Therefore, it’s no point registering on both and paying twice for the same things. Besides, one shouldn’t forget about the websites that have legal fake profiles, which task is to encourage real users for communication and thus spending money.

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Not to be caught by the sites which are not worth your attention, you have to stick to certain criteria that would let you join only the best sites for a hookup.

Don’t buy a pig in a poke. The majority of hookup dating sites offer free registration, but not all of them let you surf the website without purchasing a membership. In fact, you have to give money for the thing you are not sure you’ll like. There are dozens of sites whose content can be evaluated and checked before making any payments. It’s always better to surf the website and try out all the available free features before you decide to upgrade your account and become a full member.

Safety. The specificity of the hookup sites brings the user personal information safety to the top. No one wants their name, email address, and credit card details to be transferred to third parties. To avoid any problems, make sure you read through the privacy policy of the site.

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Privacy. Providing your real name and surname during registration, you risk revealing your identity to anyone hanging out on the same site. It is preferable to choose the sites asking you only for a display name, which you can think up without giving the real name. Besides, pay attention to the information that would be mentioned in your credit card statement after you buy a membership.

  • The number of site users. The more profiles are registered on the website, the higher are the chances to find a hookup partner in your neighborhood. Besides, you’ll have more options to choose from. However, you have to be cautious with the sites which are relatively new but have millions of profiles. It is very likely that most of them are fake and have been created to attract more users.
  • Quality of the users. There are hookup dating sites intended for a definite category of users (e.g. gay or lesbian, BDSM fans, or fetishists). Check if your preferences in sex correspond to the site-specificity, otherwise, it may be tough for you to find a hookup partner there.
  • Number and quality of the features. The quality of your time spent on a hookup dating website seriously depends on the features you can use. A lot of them ease the process of finding an appropriate hookup date and, therefore, speed up your search.
  • Options for communication. Don’t forget that to hook up with someone you should first get acquainted. Being limited to instant messages or emails only, the time between the first letter and date may be rather long. Some additional channels of communication (e.g. live cams, videos, or voice messages) can make this process faster and more interesting for both of you.
  • Amount of fees. Wishing to get the best service and features, you have to be ready to pay for it. Still, it’s better to compare the prices on different platforms offering a similar number of features not to overpay. Big players on the market of online hook up offer nice discounts for users purchasing long-term membership. Thus, you can save about 25% – 65% buying 3 months or half a year membership packages.
  • The quality of the support service. A perfect variant is an online support chat, but email or phone support can also be helpful. A lot of hookup sites communicate with their users via feedback forms, but you’d better be careful with the websites giving only a FAQ-list and no options to reach the support team.
  • The simplicity of site navigation. Registering on a hookup dating site, you want to relax and have fun, which is possible with the intuitive interface. The difficult-to-understand site navigation will kill your desire to look for a hookup and will only irritate you, which are not the things you would like to get.
  • Possibility to use the site on mobile devices. It is best when you can download a mobile site app on your smartphone or tablet and surf the website anywhere anytime.

Do Free Hookup Sites Really Work?

We all know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Still, some hookup dating sites claim to be totally free of charges. Choosing such hookup dating services, you have to be ready for a minimum of features and a maximum of scammers. So if you are not afraid of challenges, you may try searching for a hookup there. Anyway, we would strongly recommend you weigh all the pros and cons of such services before registering for them. Here is a list of disadvantages you may notice dealing with free hookup websites:

  • No user verification. Free dating services cannot verify the identity of their users. Because there’s no need to pay for the services, the site members don’t have to provide their credit card details. Therefore, the risks of scamming are very high.
  • Low level of the users’ personal information safe. Reliable data protecting technologies demand big investments. Free hookup dating platforms cannot afford such expenses, therefore, they neglect the safety of their users’ data.
  • Very few features. Saving money, you have to sacrifice the variety of features offered by the hookup site. The search feature is probably the only one that is present on all the hookup websites regardless of their free or paid status.
  • Few communication channels. Most of the free hookup services offer only one or two communication options. These are mainly writing emails or instant messages. No live cams are available.
  • A limited number of outcoming messages. Some free hookup sites limit the number of messages one can send within 24 hours. It makes you choose one or two people you can have a chat with instead of communicating with everyone you like.
  • Excess of advertisements. No fees charged from the site members make the services look for other sources of income so don’t be surprised if the screen of your computer will be spammed with countless adds.
  • Lots of scammers. Free hookup platforms are a perfect place for fraudulent activity. The absence of control on the part of the website lets the scammers find the victims very easy. It’s not rare that they tell you some tearful stories and ask for financial support so stay cautious.
  • Excess of unwanted messages. Despite your goal is a hookup, you want to be respected by the other site members, which means receiving messages that don’t insult your personality. Paid services guarantee your safety from this kind of spam by the possibility to blacklist the person insulting you. However, this feature is usually not available for the site users running free profiles.

How to Spot a Fake Hookup Site?

Online hookup dating hides a lot of risks you have to be ready for. The main thing every online hookup seeker has to keep in mind is that they always have to pay attention to the details when choosing a website to join. This is the only possible way to avoid fraud and not to be hooked by a fake website. There are some things that signal the hookup site to be a fake:

  • Perfect appearance. All people have their pros and cons and it’s not only about the character but about the appearance as well. Still, if you can’t find anyone looking natural and all the members’ photos have gone through Photoshop, then you have probably stumbled on a fake site.
  • Dozens of messages per minute. Of course, you may think that you are such a cutie that everyone rushed to get acquainted with you the first minute after you’ve registered. However, this is the first bell that should make you alert. In most cases, such messages are sent by fake profiles supported by the site owners and their primary task is to make you pay for the messages to respond to theirs.
  • You have to pay for each and every service on the site. The bulk of hookup sites give their users a choice of whether to buy a membership or not. They offer a limited number of free features to encourage the user to pay for the other services. But if you get nothing for free and have to pay even for the right to navigate through the website, it’s time to think about its trustworthiness.
  • Fake profiles approved by the terms and conditions. You may be surprised to know that some websites legitimate fake profiles in their terms and conditions. They say that it is done to stimulate communication between the site members. However, to answer the messages received from such fake ladies and gentlemen, you have to pay your own money. So isn’t it a fraud? We think it is.
  • Dirty talks starting with the first IM or email. Even if you want to find a partner for a hookup, you have to get acquainted before making any sex offers. In case the only thing you see in the incoming mail is dirty talking, then it’s probably not the best place for finding a real hookup partner.
  • Empty profiles. Those who really want to find a partner for casual sex try to complete their profiles first of all because it will make them more popular and therefore their profile will be shown on top of the search list. Many empty or half-empty profiles should make you think it’s a fake website.