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Adult Friend Finder is the best dating site to find adult singles and swingers for discreet hookups and casual sex near you

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Adult Friend Finder claims to be one of the fastest-growing websites for adults in the world, offering the users an opportunity to find like-minded individuals who are equally interested in sex. And they could not be more right because the website is in business for over a decade now and has created a user base of millions of users. The site generates huge traffic, a significant part of which comes from the United States alone. Apart from the US, Adult Friend Finder is a popular website in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom as well.

Read along to discover more about AdultFriendFinder and why you should join it!

What To Expect On

AdultFriendFinder is a dating site for sex. Here, you can sign up to meet individuals who are interested in similar sexual adventures as you. The user base comprises a majority of men. Hence, women and gay men are spoilt for choice here. Then again, if you are a straight man or gay woman, there is a tough competition to win over a legit woman because there aren’t many.

Adult Friend Finder Register

As for the membership of Adult Friend Finder, as a beginner, you can use it for free. For those who want to do more than just exploring the website, they will have to pay to become a Gold Member here. Once you have paid, you can gain access to the engaging features it has to offer.


The homepage of the website is loaded with suggestive pictures of men and women to tell you that the website is all about sex and nothing serious. Along with the pictures, there are options to sign in and register. If you are not already a member of the website, you will be asked to register.

Registration Process

The registration process is fairly easy for you with an e-mail address and a few details handy. AdultFriendFinder uses an email verification protocol to ensure that everyone with a legit IP address is signing up. Once you have registered yourself, there are some fields for you to fill in some additional details such as sexual orientation, preferences, and more. All of these questions will be relevant to what you are seeking from a casual relationship instead of running you through a personality quiz.

In addition, you can also create a couples’ profile, where both you and your partner can fill in their details and put it out there how open to sexual activities you are.


Now that you are signed into the Adult Friend Finder website feel free to add as much information about yourself as you may. The more your profile speaks about you, the more will it attract the fellow users and interest them. You can also take the ever-so-amusing “purity test”, which tests how much into sex you have been all this while.

Not to forget that you can add pictures and videos too, which only the paying members on the site can see.

Finding the Matches

Unlike other casual dating sites, doesn’t have a matching algorithm that will automatically show you the individuals that you might like. You can select from the list of users displayed on your timeline or you can use the search button for browsing. The search and navigation mechanism will help you discover individuals according to their ethnicity, color of hair, marital status, sexual preference, location, age range, etc. Also, you can choose to display only the profiles which are currently online.

adultfriendfinder search feature

Since you are not looking for any other form of compatibility other than sexual, the navigation is all you need.

Contacting Users

With the help of comprehensive search options, you will be able to discover ideal sex partners and contact them. For this, you can use options such as e-mail messages, chat rooms, and video calls. However, communicating with other users requires you to become a paid member. Once you have subscribed to the AdultFriendFinder’s services, you can also see who is checking your profile out and message them.


The FriendFinder Network has made sure that you get to explore your options everywhere you go with the AdultFriendFinder app. You can download the app for free on Google Play as well as App Store. It allows you to search, browse, and contact your potential hookups with ease. The LIVE streams are available on the app, but other features have been skipped to keep it simplistic.

Remember, the interface of is easy-to-handle even for novices, is pretty similar to other adult dating sites, and allows you to pace-up your sex life. Then again, it does not allow you to interact or get to know other users unless you have paid to become a Gold Member.


A dating site such as Adult Friend Finder would be dull without a few fun activities to do. So, here are a few you can enjoy on the website.

Chat Rooms for the Like-minded Adults

Chat rooms can be created by groups of individuals who are interested in some kind of sex, have similar fetishes, or are inclined towards the same gender. You name it, and there is a chat group holding intense discussions about it. There are hundreds and thousands of these on the Adult Friend Finder app and website, which you can use to share experiences, give your expert opinions, and enjoy listening to what others think.


Whenever you come across an attractive profile, you can make them a part of your Hotlist, like favorites. In this way, you will not have to look them up again and again. You can create one even if you are a free member.

Tip and Gifts is teeming with steamy content, out of which something might interest you a lot. So, in order to appreciate the creator, you can tip them or send them gifts to encourage them.

Live Webcams

The homepage has an additional Live-Action link which can be clicked upon to see the fellow members in action, who are live-streaming. These services might ask you to pay extra by the minute though.


Like other websites for social networking, Adult Friend Finder has a timeline from where you can access the web magazines released by the site. In these magazines, you can read and learn more about others’ experiences and share yours by commenting.

Sex Academy

Believe it or not, has a lot of courses to offer which will allow you to enhance your skills in virtual as well as physical sex. However, only the members who have subscribed to the website can take up courses, which might involve additional costs.

Pictures and Video Contests

The pictures and video contests are frequently held on Adult Friend Finder, where you can upload your content and stand a chance to become more popular. It is the appreciation that your post receives from other users that determine the winner.

adultfriendfinder users


Another feature that is exclusively available to the paying users is Flirt, which is nothing but a winking face on the users’ profiles. Simply click on the flirt button to show that you are interested in a particular profile.

Apart from the other features, there are engaging erotic stories, and other fun activities on AdultFriendFinder too.

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Adult Friend Finder?

Adult Friend Finder has earned a lot of name in the swinger community as a website with a varied user base. You can follow some quick steps to register on the website or the app and enjoy the thrill of being part of this community, where you can quickly get to the fun part of casual dating. Even if you don’t want to meet anyone in person, you can enjoy the several entertaining features you can find here and discover more about your fetishes and experiences of others while trying them.

Here are a few reasons in this Adult Friend Finder review that will help you discover why this is the perfect website for your steamy sexual escapades.

Reason 1. Free Services

Unlike most adult dating apps and websites, Adult Friend Finder has a lot to offer for its free users as well. For instance, they can like the pictures and videos posted by other users, become a part of group discussions on chat rooms, and contribute to the blogs. These features will help you, as a beginner, to discover more about your favorite genre of sex.

Not just that, they can use the navigation and search filters to discover users that have the same fetishes as them and add them to their Hotlists.

Even though discovering like-minded users doesn’t sound like much of a perk, it is indeed useful in helping users make up their minds about whether they want to join the community as a Gold Member or not.

Reason 2. Unbelievably a Wide Range of Features

Believe it or not, Adult Friend Finder is one of the richest websites for adults in terms of features. The premium members can have a great time here, even if they do not wish to meet anyone in person. To begin with, they can view all the videos and become a part of LIVE cam sessions held by other users, conduct their own video sessions to earn some more, and have their posts published in the web magazines offered by the website.

The Sex Academy is a unique feature, which, although it requires you to pay extra, will help you advance in your skills as an enthusiast. The Flirt feature is another perk that will allow you to tell someone that you are interested in their profile.

Reason 3. Great App

Having an app for a platform like Adult Friend Finder is certainly a plus because now you can use it on the go without having to resort to the desktop site at all times. The AdultFriendFinder app sports a similar interface as the website so that you don’t have much trouble adapting to it. It is available on both Google Play and App Store so that no matter which smartphone you are using, you can download the app.

Some features such as e-mail messaging, search and browsing, and chat rooms are active on the app so that you can contact your new interests too. The web-streaming can also be viewed on the app along with the rest of the features to help you enjoy most features to the fullest.

Adult Friend Finder – Conclusion

The final takeaway from this review of Adult Friend Finder is that it is an engrossing platform for individuals who are interested in sex, whether it is the old-school way or something kinky. It has loads of features that you can enjoy with the enormous user base it has to offer; of which LIVE cam streaming, chat rooms, Flirt, and the Purity Test are highly popular.

So, if you are done with all the work it takes to win a person over and then gets to sexual rendezvous, you can simply shell out some money and become a part of this community. Here, you will not only find friends with benefits but some with a lot more to offer than just benefits!

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