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Ashley Madison is an adult entertainment website that brings interesting contacts and just more excitement in your life.

Ashley Madison is another website where you can specifically search for dating sites. You will not only be offered a search by name, but you can filter your search on Ashley Madison according to certain rules. These include, for example:

  • category (dating, sex dating, niche dating),
  • pages without fake news,
  • free pages,
  • anonymous payment,
  • and a bunch of other filters.

The fact that the venue attracts more men than women is not surprising. Officially, Ashley Madison’s quota is 30 to 5 which means 30 million men compete for 5 million women. Men at work, so to speak… But in truth, the active user community is probably almost a pure men’s round. That at least suggests an evaluation of the user data exposed by Gizmodo & Co.

What to Expect on Ashley Madison Site?

Almost seven million singles in the USA are looking for a partnership. And if one believes AshleyMadison, nine million Americans allegedly live together with someone “whom they met online.” The adult dating industry is booming.

ashleymadison signup

According to the operator, each profile is checked individually to allow only serious members. The average age of Ashley Madison members is around 40 years. From the age of 20, you can register at the brokerage. To get in contact with other singles, you need a premium membership. This costs around $25 per month for 24 months. A short-term subscription is much more expensive.


The gaze immediately lingers on the photo of a lady, who smiles invitingly at the viewer. The form for the registration and the links to the terms of use are well versed, the support and the imprint of T&C even more so. The website is available in Chinese and Czech languages among others.

ashleymadison members

The design of the preview follows the usual pattern. Before the photo of a smiling woman and dating profiles of the newest members, you will find the forms for signing in and signing up as well as links to the terms and conditions, FAQ, support, and others.

Only a few characteristics such as figure, hair color, or race (ethnic origin) are available. As you enter, you will see profiles from nearby. But you only see the photo, Ashley Madison does not show usernames, age, and place of residence. To check these, you have to click on the photo and see the details. The contact with the other members via conventional text messages is also possible. offers singles a serious and professional platform to find their partner for life. The single market is aimed at discerning singles looking for sex affairs. Using a science-based process, ambitious singles are helped to find a partner for a long-term and happy relationship.

3 Reasons Why You Should Try AshleyMadison

In the members’ area of this hookup site, you will first come across contact suggestions of the provider. These are based on the information provided by the member when registering to AM App. The ladies fit age-wise to the member and live in the closer environment. If you do not like the contact suggestions, you can also actively search.

ashleymadison profile

You can practically change only the age and place of residence, there are no other selection criteria. The contact with other members is only possible by email. Although the mailbox is free, who wants to write to others, but must complete a subscription at Ashley Madison. It is also strange that the profile pictures of the ladies are shown only veiled. The profile text of interesting members is only readable if the own profile has been filled out.

Reason 1

Sign-in takes only seconds. There is no review of the data. As soon as you have clicked on the activation link of the welcome e-mail, you will reach the members’ area without first having to create your profile. The website is very simple, if not primitive. The members can only communicate with each other by e-mail.

Whether all female profiles are led by women and with what intention they were once created, can not be verified. Among the few chat users, even men, curious journalists, or wives in the search for their possibly unfaithful husband may be represented. Ashley Madison is aimed at singles who are looking for a casual relationship. The site impresses us with its balanced membership. It is the first dating site to offer 100 % free to all students, apprentices, and single parents with children still living in the household. The very well-thought-out matching principle, which sets great value on polite and respectful interaction in dialogue with each other, enables a safe getting to know singles.

Reason 2

When registering you will receive a free PO box. Finding interesting members is very easy. You can either search for women or men within different age ranges and residency.

Compared with Snapsext and Uberhorny, Unfortunately, Ashley Madison does not provide the ability to filter the search results, for example, for sexual preferences or body features such as hair color or figure. Even in the match game, this is not intended. That’s weird because Ashley Madison is supposed to be about sex (that’s what the name implies).

Reason 3

The search engine Ashley Madison fills a real market gap and spares you hours of research on the Internet. The website is especially beneficial if you have a different taste than the norm, for example, lacquer and leather or if you like Dominas or Latinas. You will not only see pages from the US but from all over the world. The test reports warn against rip-offs. The use of Ashley Madison is free, no registration required. – Conclusion

A new analysis of the customer data at Ashley Madison reveals what we have expected: The brokerage caters to all singles who are looking for affairs and cheating. Due to the individual search profile members receive only really suitable partner suggestions. The hookup service is characterized by a simple and intuitive operation.

Considering the guarantee of a sex-gathering that Noel Biderman’s company Avid Life Media Group promises, legit long-term membership is recommended. The site is very attractive and offers a lot when it comes to modern communication options.

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