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How We Rate Hookup Sites for Gays?

The problem of finding a gay partner is much more serious if compared to those with a straight orientation. A lot of ordinary hookup dating websites don’t accept users with gay orientation. For this reason, there appeared special websites for gays only.

They give them a possibility to find partners for casual encounters, one-night stands, friends-with-benefits relations, or men for virtual sex.

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Hookup websites for gays look similar to ordinary hookup dating websites. The only difference is that there are only male profiles available on the site search. Using the given below list of criteria, you’ll be able to choose an online hookup service that will meet all your expectations.

Interface and Usability

Site rating. The popularity of the website among users forms its overall rating. Therefore, joining a website that is high in the top list, you can minimize the chances of becoming a victim of fraud. In addition, we advise you to read the user testimonials before registering on some gay hookup sites. They are written by the people who have already used the service and can evaluate their positive and negative sides.

Count of users. Another thing you have to pay attention to is the number of people using the services of the website. Their big quantity is a sign of site reliability and effectiveness. An indisputable advantage of websites having hundreds of thousands or even millions of users is that they give you a wide variety of partners for choice. What’s more, the likelihood of finding someone living in your town or block is significantly higher.

Quality of users. The orientation of the people joining gay hookup websites is clear. However, the users may vary in their age, preferences in sex, intentions in the relationship, etc. Thus, we would recommend you to view some users’ profiles to create a general understanding of the quality of users present on the site.

Features and Communication

The variety of features. A lot of hookup dating sites can boast of numerous features allowing users to enjoy the time spent on the website. Live cams, free access to gay porn websites, possibility to upload photos and videos, and many other services are available for men owing free accounts and those enjoying paid membership.

Сommunication options. The more options for communication you have, the easier you can get acquainted with the potential partners. Instant messages, emails, video calls, live cams, as well as sharing photos and videos, give you space for learning more about each other.

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Mobile service availability. Surfing the website on the go is a huge advantage, especially for those who are always busy but still want to find a hookup date. An ideal variant is the presence of iOS and Android apps, which can be installed on your iPhone, iPad, or smartphone.

Support and Security

Safety. The representatives of the gay community often become victims of intimidation and even physical attacks. Therefore, the safety of the website users is the first and the main thing you have to pay attention to when choosing a hookup site. Stop your choice on the services applying a maximum of protection measures such as user profile verification, reliable information protection technologies, and tools, the possibility to blacklist the profiles sending spam or insults to other users.

Anti-scam policy. Profile verification and the possibility to block suspicious accounts is a big plus for any online gay hookup service. Some websites have separate anti-scam teams who take care of all complaints received from site members.

Customer support. Reliable websites invest much money in the support service. Ignoring the needs of the members and the absence of the possibility to contact the support team signal poor quality of service. Select the sites giving several options for the problem solution (e.g. live chat, feedback form, phone support).

Free and Paid Options

Cost of the services. Many features on the hookup sites should be paid for. These include some communication services, live cams sessions, sending flirts and winks, and this list can be continued. Some services offer a premium membership for several days (trial version) or several months (up to 6 months). Compare the prices on different websites and choose the one that offers the biggest number of features for the best price. Registration on a free hookup site is always risky, so we wouldn’t recommend it.

Payment options. As soon as you decide to purchase a membership, you may face transaction fulfillment problems. Some websites limit the choice of payment methods to the debit/credit cards only. They promise to preserve your privacy and not to state the name of the website in your credit card statement. Still, using E-wallets for making payments related to gay hookup sites is safer.

Why Paid Gay Hookup Sites are Better than Free?

Searching for a hookup, we all want to spend as little time looking for a partner as possible and find a perfect match. Yet, it’s still not everything because saving some money is another thing we bear in mind registering on a hookup site. But can we fulfill all our desires for free? Those joining free hookup sites think they can but, in fact, it may become a huge loss of time and effort and here is why:

  • Attitude. Making a payment on a dating site, we start taking things seriously because it costs us about $25 – $40 a month. With the free websites, the situation is the opposite. Such platforms are full of fake or inactive profiles whose owners just have fun trolling other users or got to the site out of curiosity, or just want to talk to someone. So meeting a real person ready for a hookup can be a tricky task.
  • Site quality. The absence of income received from the subscribers manifests through a plain and dull interface, which is difficult to navigate. Free websites often look cheap and it’s far not the place where you can get a top-notch service.
  • Higher chances for a real hookup date. The researches claim that the rate of message response on paid websites is more than 46% if compared to the free of charge services. The same tendency can be seen in the real dating rate.
  • Excess of ads. Having no other sources to earn money, free hookup sites often become a kind of ads boards. Very often the site content is covered by an advertisement thus interfering with your needs.
  • Data safety risks. Free websites can`t afford quality data-protection technologies. Standard SSL encryption is the only safety measure applied by the majority of free hookup sites. And it’s absolutely clear that it doesn’t give you a 100% guarantee of safety.
  • High risks for fraud. A lack of control over the free hookup resources leads to a high percentage of fraudulent activity. Such websites never verify the identity of their users. Free sites are easily accessible for scammers and you have to be several times more careful to avoid any unpleasant experience on hookup sites working for free.
  • A limited number of features and their low quality. Comparing the search or match-finding features on free and paid websites, you’ll notice that the latter can give you a better quality of search as the criteria used are often based on preferences and hobbies, whereas free websites search results concentrate on the distance between the potential hookup partners.

How to Create Best Profile for Hookup Site for Gays?

Your profile is a kind of bait, and the better it is, the bigger fish you will catch. If you really want to be popular and get a new partner every day (or better say every night), you have to spend some time working on the profile page, which is your visiting card, to make it look interesting. Remember that to catch the eye of a hot guy, you should stand out in the background of other profiles.

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We’ve got some recommendations to make your profile popular and your intimate life diverse.

Pick up the right photo. Scrolling dozens of photos on a dating site you’ll see that most of them are very similar: naked guys showing off their “size”. Be different, don’t be a part of a crowd. Choose a photo where you look confident, sexy, and strong, maybe half-naked but avoid pornographic pictures. If you see your role in sex differently, then show your gentleness and sexuality. We wouldn’t recommend setting a portrait photo. After all, you’ve come to the hookup site not for beautiful faces but for a strong and seducing body. By the way, don’t use poor-quality photos because they never attract much attention.

Be confident. Nobody likes people who are not confident about their appearance or actions. They are usually very restrained in sex and have too many complexes that won’t bring you satisfaction in bed. So if you don’t want to be this kind of person in the eyes of other guys, radiate your confidence in every word and every photo. Still, everything is good in moderation, so don’t overdo it.

Be the man of their dreams. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight because all of us have fantasies we want to bring in the bed. Try to become their embodiment.

Say what you want to get in bed. Be specific about your desires, and we guarantee that you’ll find the right man. Specify your role in sex; whether you are active, passive, or versatile. Some people are not sure about what they want and when you bring your vision of the encounter to the profile, it will definitely give you some additional points.

Tell a bit about yourself. It should be one or two sentences, not more. Perhaps you’ve got some exotic hobby or unusual interests that may impress your profile viewers. Yet if the hobby is too weird or too standard, you’d better keep it to yourself.

Don’t tell everything. Your profile has to stimulate guys to write to you, thus, there should be something left unsaid. You only set hooks to help the potential partner find some points of contact.

How to Hookup Online – Tips and Advice from Gays

On the Internet, you may find lots of unsuccessful hookup stories with a bad ending. Yet it’s not the reason to avoid this kind of dating. On the contrary, such stories should help you be ready for anything that may happen on a hookup. Forewarned is forearmed, isn’t it? We’ve got some pieces of advice that can help you feel confident and safe hooking up online.

  • Choose the right websites. Looking for a hookup on a standard website may take more time because it is used by the representatives of different sexual orientations. You’d better choose the site for gays only. Thus, you’ll automatically filter out those who are not interested in this kind of relations. When choosing between free and paid websites, the latter is more preferable because they are likely to have some account verification procedure that can protect you from fraud and gay haters.
  • Create an interesting profile. Your profile is your ticket for a hookup. It should be brief, interesting, diverse, and a nice photo is a must. The time spent on profile creation is inversely proportional to the time needed for the guys to notice and react to it.
  • Don’t give any personal information. A hookup doesn’t imply further development of your relations. Therefore, you should never give your home address or any other information to a stranger on the other side of the screen.
  • Think twice before sending your naked photos to the potential partner. To flare up the desire of the guy talking to you, you may want to send him your naked photos. Well, it’s a bad idea because no one knows how they will be used later. So if you don’t want your porn-photo to appear on the Google search, leave this idea.
  • Try to find out more about the potential partner. There’s no guarantee that you are not talking to a psycho or other inadequate person. Ask him questions about his likes and dislikes, hobbies to get the idea of a man sitting on the other side. If his answers look weird or are inconsistent, you’d better stop communicating.
  • Be alert if your interlocutor asks you for money or speaks about domination. In the first case, he is likely to be a scammer. The second situation may be dangerous as well because dominant-submissive relations is not the best option for a hookup with a stranger.
  • Make a date in a public place. Never invite a hookup guy to your place. You don’t know who will come for a date so you’d better stay among people. A café, a bar, or any other public place will do. Get acquainted first and if the date goes smooth, a hookup won’t make you wait.