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To make contacts, children and adolescents carelessly go too private. They not only use well-known services like Facebook or Snapchat. Learn an introductory site called Fling and watch out. is a meeting of two bodies. What does it mean for the soul? Memory remains, as Marianne Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull once sang. Among many hookup sites, this is ostensibly a contact exchange with a focus on erotic, uncomplicated contacts, a part of an international network. In fact, it is a free website for users on a paid basis. However, female members are not all from the USA. – What’s in it For You?

Some use the Fling site offensively as a flirting portal. For our test, we registered as a woman, so we’ve kept on a daily basis receiving winks like “Do you like dirty talk?” And yes: our account avatar didn’t show anything but a pussy cat. Again, we have a hard time believing that because the alternate characters paint themselves white, and the spacebar didn’t magically become more firm. Yes, you hear right.

fling sign up

One day we wrote, “I’m sick, does anyone sing something for me?”. The message was randomly sent to 50 other users of the site. Only those who have received the text can respond and save the contact.

With a little patience, you can also find friendly and humorous messages. For example, one user wrote, “Ask me any question and you’ll get the dumbest or least meaningful answer I can think of!” We wanted to know from him why the water in the ocean is blue, but not in the glass of water. The answer: “Of course, I do not respond to racist remarks.” Neat: You just select a filter, look at the screen, and WHAM! Instant art.


Long story short, we used Fling not long before to do some legit racing. The real work went well but at one point in our experimentation, the site started becoming extremely sluggish. In fact, we can not imagine any benefit in terms of hookup and dating here. The few functions are not usable because they are interrupted on the part of the provider again and again.

What’s more, there seems to be hardly any real female profiles here. Those massively enticing, unique, very professional-looking women’s profiles, you know. Then again, those interested in such processing in the first place usually know what they are after, rarely having trouble finding the right tool for the job.

fling users

There is also a messaging tool that can be used without a premium membership. The answers of women are always the same. Jeez, do they sell boxes? As a man, you are invited to the paid video chat. Sign in and join the ride? Unlikely.

Many women profiles are linked directly with Webcamgirl pages. By clicking on the corresponding profile, you will land directly there without a warning.


The Fling site can be used to send short texts and emojis, as well as photos and film clips. Upload of existing film and image files is not possible – they must be, as with Snapchat, newly recorded on the site. This is to prevent users from passing off as someone else. To open the message, you must touch the screen. Otherwise, the message closes automatically.

fling search feature

The premium packages are offered in gold and silver, a difference in the scope is not apparent. Both can only be booked when paying by credit card.

For all other payment methods, only a premium subscription is offered and the prices vary depending on the payment method.

Payment with credit card:

  • 2 days of trial membership $0.75, to be booked once;
  • 1 month of gold membership for $26.51;
  • 18 months gold membership for $90.38, which equals $5.06 per month;
  • 1-month silver membership for $18.90;
  • 12 months silver membership for $75.81, which equals $6.32 per month.

Payment by direct debit or credit card:

  • 1 month for $29.95.

Payment by bank transfer:

  • 1 month for $34.95;
  • 3 months for $59.95;
  • 18 months for $119.95.

When paying by credit card one completes the premium membership in the subscription. After registering by entering the e-mail address, you enter the internal area. Here you’ll find the numerous video galleries. You can do a search, but we always ended up on a video chat – of course, paid.

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Fling Website

Psychologists claim that Fling is particularly attractive to many people. The reasons for this lie in active sex life, risk appetite, self-affirmation. Fling has nothing to do with the lewdness. It’s not about soul savers.

Why not practice Fling if it does not bother you? It’s a fine game, even a predictable and rewarding one, though it’s spontaneous. Because every participant knows that there is no second chance. On the other hand, Fling should not be the target in itself, it can not be planned. Among other things, Fling should not disturb private life and not replace it.

As a rule, the woman shows an initiative in such sex relations. If the man expects Fling, he should tell the woman directly about it, to avoid misunderstandings.

Reason 1

Of course, Fling goes on holiday. The atmosphere on holiday favors love adventures. It can not be compared to a holiday affair: for an affair, a good partner must be selected, with whom you can go to the restaurant or have interesting conversations. While such restrictions or rules are unnecessary for Fling, you should take them into account. It is important to find a sexually attractive person, first off.

Reason 2

Fling can not only be among strangers but also among good friends or people you know well.

Next comes a story from life: they worked together. She liked his voice, his broad shoulders, and his open character. At a work party, they got to know each other better, went to the streets, searched for a hotel. He used to refuse to touch her. This time they found a hotel, they paid everyone’s room with their credit card. Everyone returned home alone. Both were in seventh heaven. The next morning they saw each other in the office, greeting each other as usual. And nothing more. Fling gave them what they expected: casual pleasure.

Reason 3

Are you slow to make up your mind? Fling helps. It only takes a few minutes for the first post to arrive. Much is written in English, German is not unusual. The most popular photo opportunity on Fling is selfies. Most users show their faces, some their legs, some boys their bare torso.

Also, photos of homework, alcohol, and joints are there to see. A typical invitation to cybersex is “penis for breasts”. Within four days we received a photo of a penis and a film clip with bared breasts. Conclusion

The site is ostensibly a contact exchange with a focus on erotic, uncomplicated contacts. In fact, it is an advertising & lock page for users on a paid basis.

The site is cluttered and rather an advertising page for the webcam offers. For this reason, it is not comparable to relevant competitors.

The site is very confusing and we can not think of any benefits in terms of dating and finding friends here. The few functions are not usable because they are interrupted on the part of the provider again and again. What seems like a clever marketing plan at first can turn into rust quickly, not gold.

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