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FuckSwipe is a good hookup site where users can search for a partner in different ways. The mediation principle is similar to that of the social network Facebook.

First of all, you have to ask yourself the question, which goal should be followed exactly with the registration. Of course, many dating sites continue to emphasize the long and happy love relationship between two people. Such portals are characterized primarily by an average age structure, where very many different layers are represented at the site. At that point, one has to ask oneself the question, which other pages are still suitable. Young portals, which come mainly in the form of the app for the smartphone on the market, are mainly used as a chat room. The young people put themselves at the site only partially the goal, directly to find the love for life. You should also review and be aware of this when deciding for or against one of these offers. In the run-up, this can already have a decisive impact on how the prospects for success end up.

What One Would Expect on FuckSwipe?

The one-night stand is above all, but the registration with the hookup site is often a question of cost. Although some portals often advertise that they can give you a free legit account, then it is often just part of the marketing that can not be claimed. Even for a simple written message for contact, it is often necessary to buy separate access to the site. Therefore, one should consider in advance a small comparison of the situation for themselves.

fuckswipe signup

There are still clear differences in the prices that companies demand there. If you have already informed yourself about this topic, it is usually much easier to make a good decision for yourself here. In some cases, it succeeds with a contribution of fewer than $20 per month. According to this, however, in many cases, a rather long duration of the contract has to be chosen, so that the desired benefit can be derived from it. You should, therefore, be aware of this before further steps are implemented.


Reporting and dashboards are the best in the industry of online hookups, and the integrated search engine lets you find things you never thought possible. Used successfully in our test, try it.

At the same time, one wishes naturally also that other persons of the target group perceive their profile attractive and thus decide for the admission of contact. At this point, it can, therefore, be very beneficial if your profile is designed as appealing as possible. This is achieved, for example, by the fact that as many as possible and also accurate details are included. This also means supposedly minor information, which, for example, affects hobbies. In this way, you can achieve that the sign-in makes a better impression, which of course is always beneficial. This way, trust can be built up faster, which also increases the chance of a meeting. Technically speaking, the interface allows for this.

Shortly thereafter you receive a confirmation link to the registration. The design of the website is very clear so that all users find their way quickly.


As already mentioned, other members match is a strong feature. Primarily, because it works. There is also a search function at The users can carry out a personality test to receive even more targeted partner suggestions. Anyone who becomes aware of the potential this mechanism provides can benefit from it.

fuckswipe user profile

If you want to get closer, you can use different approaches for this purpose. It makes sense not to write a long love letter directly to the chosen one, as this would be too intrusive in the beginning. Instead, the users send a short flirt message. The message can be either completely written yourself or selected from ready-made templates.

Besides, you can chat with each other through the site. This approach is much more personal and speeds up getting together with each other. If the swarm is not online, the other part can leave a message via the Inmail system.

3 Reasons Why You Should Try FuckSwipe

FuckSwipe is an adult dating site on the Internet and according to its statement also the largest hookup venue in the USA. Over time, more than 1.5 million users are supposed to have registered with it. However, it is suspected that there are on average only about 100,000 active users under the hood. There is a gender ratio of 68 percent men to 32 percent women.

Reason 1

Who is between 30 years and 50 years old, is right here. Here too, one can see to some extent in which direction the whole work will develop in the future. Meanwhile, the trend is more and more about dating by an app, which is why the providers in this segment always bring new offers on the market.

fuckswipe members online

Reason 2

Advantageously, there is also a FuckSwipe app. This allows users to search for a partner while on the move.

The app is available for iPhone and also works on most Android devices. Also, the page can be opened with the mobile browser, as it has been optimized very well even for smaller mobile devices.

Therefore, not only the providers should be mentioned in this context, but also advertisers who succeed in bringing mostly useful and utility ads. Often it is the rather small ads that can turn out to be very rewarding at the end of the day. This is a point that you should take a closer look at yourself.

Reason 3

Speaking of costs. Anyone who has decided to acquire membership here must plan for the following FuckSwipe expenses:

  • 3 days – $2,97;
  • 1 month – $29,95/month;
  • 3 months – $24,95/month;
  • 6 months – $19,95/month.

Signing up at Fuck Swipe is very easy and straightforward. To do so, the user only needs to select their gender and specify their age, date of birth, postal code, desired username, e-mail address, and password.

Immediately after the first sign in, you are given a choice that might fit. We think we like this feature best overall.


The FuckSwipe test has shown that the supplier has a lot of potentials. With a little luck, singles will find a flirt or even a partner for life here. There are many useful features available for this purpose. To be able to use all of them, a premium membership is required. The page is very clearly arranged and lets you know where to find what. There is also an app so that users can search for a suitable partner while on the move. It is believed that there are currently about 100,000 active members.

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